Pediatric Surgeries

Our Children

Our children are very precious to us, they are our future,
I have operated on countless children from the first years of my career to this day. We grew up together, had fun together, overcame their doctor’s fears by loving each one of them one by one, respecting their unique personalities and seeing and discovering their strong individual characteristics. We have established very pleasant relations. We were connected to each other at every check-in. I love them, and I am happy to be loved.
Maybe being a mother and raising two boys played a big part in this. Now let’s come to our medical explanations section:

You can review our articles that we have prepared for your children in the form of questions and answers, and you can find answers to your questions:

  • Adenoid (Adenoidectomy)
  • Tonsil (Tonsillectomy)
  • Ear Tube

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