The shape and position of the brows are one of the main aspects of facial expression.Although the shape of the brows are genetic, aging may cause changes in fat and connective tissue under the brows and bones resulting with brow sagging and changes in the shape. Sagging of the eyebrows interfere with the aesthethics but may also cause disturbance of visual quality by sagging over the eyelid.

Brow lift is performed in order to eliminate the lines along the forehead between brow line and hair and the horizontal lines between the brows and repositioning the brows to an anatomically correct position to reduce the tired face expression.

Brow lift can be performed in different methods. Forehead lift and blepharoplasty can be done in the same session depending on patient’s condition. In the surgical method devices are positioned with a 2-3 cm cut nehind the hair line. Skin is moved along the bony tissue and stitched to the new position with the help of the cameras on the surgical device.

Operation location may be swelled and bruised about 7 days following the surgery.


Şimdi Ara