Our Ear

The ear, which is our hearing organ, is also another important organ that affects our external appearance. Our ear consists of three parts, the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Unlike the nose, ear surgeries can be performed at an early age, as our ear can complete its developmental structure at an early age. Especially in pre-school, the average age is 5 years.

Deformities that will require ear surgery are caused by irregularities in the auricle located in our outer ear. When the irregularities in the auricle are examined, it has been observed that they generally occur as a result of changes in the cartilage structure.

Prominent Ear Surgeries

Prominent ear surgeries can be performed under local anesthesia as well as with general anesthesia techniques. Surgeries can usually vary between 1-2 hours. The desired shape change can be seen in both ears as well as in one ear. After the operation, surgical scars are not visible from the outside. In prominent ear surgeries, surgical procedures are performed from the back of the ear. During the surgery, the necessary folds of the ear are provided and the proximity of the ear to the skull is ensured. This proximity is made possible by permanent sutures.

After the surgery, the first thing we want from our patients is to use the tennis band for about a week. In this way, we provide less pain and minimize effects such as bleeding and stitching strains. With the bandage application after the surgery, we can continue our routine life within 1-2 days. These surgeries are not related to hearing.

Şimdi Ara