Sagging, folding and lines may appear on the face in years due to aging, smoking, damaging effects of the sun. Aging also causes loss of facial fat tissue and changes in bony structure. These changes may give the face an old, tired expression.

Different methods of face lift can be applied in order to reverse these changes and achieve a young, healthy appearance. The aim of the surgery is removal of lines and folds of the facial skin, reducing the sagging and achievement of a prominent jaw line.

In classical face lift method the cut follows a line towards the hair line along the ear tragus, ear interior and the area under the ear. If the neck midline or fat tissue under the jaw needs treatment a smaller cut under the jaw can be added to the procedure.

Temporary swelling and bruising can be observed following the procedure. Swelling and bruises begin to disappear in 6-7 days. The stitches are removed on the 5th-7th day.

Şimdi Ara