When Head and Neck tumors are mentioned, tumoral lesions that start from the mouth and include the upper esophagus and also cover the soft tissue come to mind. The first group of cells surrounding the mucosa is squamous cells and the most common type of cancer is squamous cell ca.

Salivary gland cancers are classified separately. Again, a classification is made according to the region and space where the tumor is located. Oral cavity, sinus and nasal cavity, tongue, the root of tongue, larynx, the upper part of the esophagus.

Head and neck cancers are greatly increased by tobacco use and alcohol use. In addition, exposure to radiation, especially in childhood, increases the incidence of head and neck cancer. We can say this more easily, especially for thyroid cancers.

Tumor staging is very important in the treatment plan. In staging, many factors such as tumor size, cellular characteristics, spread, character, distant metastases are taken into consideration and the treatment plan is made accordingly. Such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and sometimes combined treatments. Surgical treatment alone may be sufficient, as well as radiotherapy and or chemotherapy or all of them.

Şimdi Ara