Structures of the mid face ara lower eyelids, cheeks and cheekbones. With aging fat tissue of the cheeks is reduced, sagging begins,oval shape is changed, bags under the lower eyelid bcomes prominent and a line appears between the cheeks and the lower eyelid. These changes cause an aged, tired expression on the face. Sagged cheeks also creates two deep lines between the nose and the corners of the lips.
The aim of the mid facial lift is to replace the deformed soft tissue, repositioning of the sagged structures back to the natural anatomic location and regaining the deformed lower eyelid-cheek relation. This method is mostly used in younger patients with early symptoms of aging because the re is no effect on the general features of the face and the neck.

Procedure is mostly used for saggings around the eyes and the cheeks. The cut is made under the hair line around the temple; skin and the soft tissue under the skin is retracted over the bones.
If there is accompanying drop of eyelids or thin lines around the eyes; the lift can be made with an added cut around the temple. Upper eyelid problems can be solved in the sam surgical session.

Şimdi Ara