The nose is a structure that opens into the nasopharynx with a septum in the middle, cartilage in the front, and bone tissue in the back. The anterior part is cartilage, posterior part is bone, and below is the facial bone, which we call the maxilla. It combines with the superior alar cartilages above and the lateral cartilages anteriorly and laterally to give shape to the nose. While its curvatures can disrupt the external appearance of the nose from time to time, it can sometimes appear with breathing problems without deteriorating the external appearance. Again, curvatures in the upper septum may obstruct the maxillary sinus orifices and lead to sinus infections. Septum pathologies can activate the mucosa on the side walls of the nose and cause pathological mucosal irritation again. Aberrant mucosal growth is a situation we do not want in the nose.

Again, septum curvatures cause abnormal growth of structures called concha in the contralateral nose. For this reason, our patients describe this situation as I cannot breathe easily through both nostrils.

Şimdi Ara