Neck Lift is the surgical procedure used for the treatment of aging symptoms, sagging and fat deposition of the neck and jawline. In this procedure the aim is the removal of the excess skin under the jaw, treatment of fat deposition and sagging, relaxation of bands over the surrounding muscles and achieving a clear jaw line. In some cases aging is more visible on the neck than the face; this procedure may be selected to create a balance on the look on the face and the neck.

A surgical cut under the hair line behind the ear. Neck skin is exposed on both sides towards the mid line. In some cases an extra cut is needed under the jaw if there is excess fat under the jaw and weakening of the jaw muscles. During the procedure deep plane fat which cause jaw sagging is removed. Lyposuction method can be used for removal of fat. Jaw muscle restroration and relaxation of horizontal bands causing lines can be done through the same cuts. Excess skin is collected behind the ear and removed and skin is closed with stiches.

Stitches are removed 7-10 day following surgery. Temporary swelling and bruises may occur. Total recovery takes 1-2 weeks.

Şimdi Ara