Although rhinoplasty surgeries were defined 100 years ago, it is living its golden age with social media apps that have become widespread with the development of information technologies in recent years. Thus we, as nose surgeons, are very pleased with the increasing popularity of the nose. The increasing expectations from the patient have led us to seek different ways to modify the previous techniques, integrate muscle and ligament sparing techniques with the surgeon’s personal experiences, and even this was not enough from time to time. Our practice, especially recently, has been to perform muscle and ligament sparing rhinoplasty operations by considering functional nose surgery and considering the whole face.

We are very satisfied with our results, but it should be noted that every nose and of course every face should be evaluated in its own dynamics. Patient and surgeon communication is very important at this level. Expectations, requests and what can be done should be carefully discussed and mutual consensus should be achieved.

In our clinic, first of all, the externally visible part of the face and nose and intranasal pathologies of our patients are evaluated together, and sinus pathologies are among them. Again, in some cases, it is necessary to know the next part of sinus pathologies, namely skull base surgery. In short, the outside of the nose is a different world, the inside is a completely different world. The comment must be original and working.

Şimdi Ara