Revision Rhinoplasty

There may be cases where rhinoplasty operations have been performed before in other centers and the results are not satisfactory. During the first surgery, it may not be understood by an examination how much cartilage is left inside. How much of the cartilage was left during the operation? It is a very important subject. Bone and cartilage tissues are needed to reconstruct the skeletal structure of the nose. When there is not enough tissue in the nose, often the patient’s ear or, if it is not enough, the costal cartilage graft is taken, prepared for the nose, and the nose of our patient is shaped with rich technical plans.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, Revision Rhinoplasty surgeries are of greater importance than rhinoplasty surgeries. A period of at least 6 months after the first surgery and 10 to 12 months for an ideal result will be optimal.

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Şimdi Ara